Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ty, August 29, 2012, afternoon update

It has been 24 hours of changes, and not for the better.  I feel like we had a grip on him until 4 days ago, and now I feel like he is in a free fall.

Everything is worse, and today we have blood in the stool.  The roof of his mouth looks like someone took a razor blade to it, and the discharge from his nose and eyes is significantly worse.  We tried to drain his nose mid-day with a bulb syringe, but I don't know that it helped much.  He seemed more agitated afterward.

He remains upbeat, and happy, if not just a little restless.  His mouth very obviously hurts him, but his spirits are strong.

I'm scared...really, really scared.  I love him so.  It hurts me, in a way I never imagined was possible, to watch this disease take such a horrible toll on him.  I don't think I have ever felt so helpless.


I love you, Ty, with every fiber of my being.  Please get well, baby.  If only love could restore your health.  We have a lot of that, you and me...


  1. OHMGosh, I am so sorry. Hoping and hoping.

    1. Thank you. We appreciate all the well wishes.

  2. My heart breaks for you. I think of of you two often. Well pray for improvement.

    Kathy Crislip

  3. Leslie this totally sucks and breaks my heart. I will continue to think of Ty and pray for his recovery! Hugs to Ty:)