Thursday, August 2, 2012

Now and then...

I thought it would be interesting to look back at the first '10' ever scored by an Olympic gymnast.  The 'who' was Nadia Comaneci and she did it in 1976 at the Montreal games.  Things have changed a lot since then.  I can't say I find the performance particularly impressive, looking back from today, but I remember watching this when it happened, back in 1976, and as I recall, it was pretty special at the time.  I think the advancements in the sport are clearly evident, when you consider what today's young gymnasts are capable of.  A tribute, surely, to advancements in sports technology.

For comparison's sake, Gabby Douglas' bar performance, just a few days ago in London.

The complexity of the release elements, as well as the dismount, are so far advanced.  What makes one so much more special?  Likely the moment in time vs. anything else.

Take a look at the vault performances.  Nadia, 1976.

And McKayla Maroney's vault just a few days ago, helping to give the United States a team gold medal.  Again, quite the difference.  McKayla's fault was assessed .2667 deductions.  I'd sure like to know where those deductions were.  Of course, I'm not a gymnast, so have no eye for it, but even the commentators could not tell us where the deductions were.

I found it interesting to look back...

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