Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ty, August 15, 2012, morning update

I'm so, so pleased to report some pretty significant progress since yesterday's update.

We have improvement in all areas.  Sores on his face continue to dry up and are getting smaller and smaller.  The mouth sores are remnants of their prior, angry selves, getting smaller and smaller, and clearly causing Ty no further mouth pain.

The eye 'goo' we saw yesterday has passed.  I'm not sure what that was all about, but I'm quite happy to see it take leave.

For the last two nights, he has slept very fitfully, and woken up very, very happy and spunky.

Last evening it was warm, but the wading pool was calling, and Ty, ever the water lover, didn't miss his chance.  In short order, he was drenched, tip to toe, 'diving' for his favorite toy, beating Kindle to it, over and over...and beating her to any toy is no small feat!!

He romped, and played.  He barked and yipped with joy.  So much of the dog I know and love was back.  Can I have an 'amen'?!

I have so much appreciation for every prayer, every well wish, every healing, and all the love expressed, by so many who care.  I just have no words to tell you how much it all means to me.  'Thank you' seems so small, but please know that, for me, and for Ty, those two words carry the weight of my gratitude, which is immense.

Next week starts our work with the homeopathic vet, who will be tasked with building and boosting Ty's immune system, making him stronger than ever.

Love to all.


  1. AMEN!!! Well done! You must be MORE than relieved.... :) big smile for you both.

  2. That's wonderful news. I am so happy to hear Ty is getting back to his happy self and not in pain!