Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ty, August 22, 2012, mid-day update

It's time for another Ty update.  I had said I would not start up posts again until our appointment with the homeopathic vet, which is this Friday.  Unfortunately, there have been changes that I feel compelled to document, thus an update now vs. after Friday's appointment.

I felt we were on the road to remission with Ty.  He was bouncy, happy, feeling much better and generally moving an the right direction.  A couple of days ago, things turned back toward where we were vs. where we wanted to go.

Despite high dose prednisone, and a host of other medications, the mouth sores have started to come back, as well as the runny eyes.  Today I noticed some discomfort again at the water bowl.  However, for me, the very worst part is the loss of his happy spirit...again.

Two days ago we agreed to double the prednisone dose, which was a very difficult decision.  48 hours later, there is no visible improvement.

This is not the update I wanted to be making at this point in the process, obviously.  I feel very useless in the process, and it hurts my heart horribly to see him affected with this disease.

I still have hope for remission, and he is not as bad as he was when we started, but we are no where near where we had gotten, which was to a place of some relief, and a heck of a lot of joy.

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