The Lucky Fox: About

 I live on the high desert in central Oregon where the sun shines 300 days/year.  We have enough snow in the winter to keep things charming, and enough heat in the summer to wish for snow in the winter.

I love to cook, bake and play around with my fledgling photography skills.  Most of all, however, I love to write.  Things swirl in my brain, and I often want to capture my ideas in writing, to catalog them, or refer to them later on.  A blog seemed a great place to bring all my 'loves' together.

My tag line is 'sharing ideas and the journey of life...' and that about sums it up.  My ideas are my own, and when they aren't, or are a variation of someone elses ideas, credit will be given.  I don't claim to be an expert in anything I write about, but I claim passion for what I share.

A word (or a few!) about my recipes.  Some are healthier than others, some are higher in fat and calories than others.  Pick and choose what you feel will best suit your lifestyle.  Some things I make never get off the ground.  After all, I'm not a professional chef.  When something I make fails to reach some form of success, the recipe won't find a home here.  If I have posted it here, it's because I thought it was tasty, fun to make and fairly straight forward.  Some recipes are easier than others, so choose the ones you believe will work best for you.  This blog is about sharing.  It's not about shaping your life, nor your daily diet.  Have a question about a recipe?  Please don't hesitate to post a question.  I will offer you my best advice...but it is just that; advice.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, trying my recipes, or perusing my photos.  I welcome your feedback, or suggestions.  I only ask that we keep things upbeat, kind and share in the spirit of uplifting our fellow man.  I have spent too much of my life worrying about drama, avoiding drama, and, embarrassingly, creating drama.  I have moved past that time, and hope to leave it behind, forever.  Please join me in a better place, where we work to enhance the lives of our fellow man vs. tearing him down.

Life is a sweet journey.  Some days are rough, some days are smooth, but there is no doubt life is the best gift we are given.  I invite you to join my journey, through my blog.

All comments are moderated here, not to keep any one person away, but to keep the spirit of the blog as originally intended.

I hope you all have a wonderful life best wishes are yours.

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