Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homemade table-top photo booth

To the professional, I'm sure my small photo booth is nothing special, but I'm quite proud of it.

I got my daylight lamps through my electrical wholesaler husband (thanks, honey!), and the fixtures were deeply discounted at Lowe's.  Made the scrims out of 1" x 2" birch, and covered them with parchment paper, which proved a great diffuser in the experiment with the more crude scrims I made out of pizza boxes last week, so I decided to use them on my more permanent scrims seen here.


Thanks to a Facebook friend, who is a professional photographer, I stole the idea to use plexi glass as a base for a nice reflective affect.  I like it.  Couple of shots with the plexi over light blue poster board, the first one with all lights on.  The second one with the top scrim light off.  Better reflection with the top scrim light off.

This will be a fun place to shoot food photos, and it's convenient, set up right off my kitchen.

This booth will also give me some good practice, and ideas for a larger booth, which I'd like to put together at some point down the road.

I found three small remnants of fabric at Walmart that will make nice bases, as well, and add more texture to my shots.  Fun stuff.

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