Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ty, August 28, 2012, afternoon update

It has not been a good three days for Ty.  Following his visit on Friday, when he looked and felt so great, he started a fairly punctuated down-turn.  A new eruption of all the symptoms I thought we had gotten on top of, or were getting on top of.

The rancid breath is back, mouth sores are rampant, and painful, a lot of face pawing, green discharge from the eyes, and milky discharge from his nose.  The only thing we haven't seen is a renewal of eruptions on his face, and I'm thankful for at least that much.

In spite of it, he seems fairly happy, and upbeat.  He went to work with Cliff this afternoon, which is one of his most favorite things to do.

After a chat with both vets, and with a lump in my throat, I agreed to increase the Prednisone, again, from 40 mg./day to 80 mg./day.  At this point, if we don't get on top of this outbreak, we will lose him to it, and I still see a happy, functioning dog, albeit one that's in some discomfort, so I'm going to keep fighting for him.

It goes without saying that we need more prayers...

Next week we had a bit of a vacation planned.  With the dryer repair on Friday, which turned out to be about three times the expense we had expected, and Ty's new meds, I think we will be sticking close to home, with one exception.  He loves the beach.  Come hell, or high water, we are going to take him to the beach, so he can chase waves and eat sand until his heart's content.

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