Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lighting and composition...time to 'up' my game

Nothing great, with few exceptions, is ever an accident.  It's usually the point where a lot of personal preparation intersects with opportunity, and the pairing can often be quite powerful.  I believe in this, and it propels me forward when I take on a new hobby, and photography and food are two of my current favorites. 

I've been doing a little study on food photography and food styling, and I think my focus on the lighting aspects of the different photos I have been studying might actually mean something positive...perhaps I'm starting to see the artistic aspect of lighting?

I'm not a professional chef, and I'm sure as hell not a professional photographer, but when I decide I want to learn something, I like to study it in great detail, thus my commitment to learning all I can about both of these hobbies.  Food can be just as artistic as photography, so the two pursuits seem to fit well for me.  I also love the technical aspects of both, of which there are many.

To date, I sort of close in on my food subjects, and 'fill the frame'.  This works to eliminate items in the background that might be unsightly, and can often minimize the affects caused by only passable lighting, but I sure would like to make better use of the surrounding space, as well.  In other words, I want the photos to be more than just the food on the plate.  I want the setting to enhance the food.  I think I can make that happen.  The question is "how little money can I spend, and accomplish the photo results I'm looking for?"  I will soon find out...more on this later.

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