Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grilled chicken caesar salad with polenta croutons

Tonight I made a caesar salad.  It was really delicious.  I've just gotten into salad season, meaning, I'm craving them like I don't usually crave them.  Must be the warmer weather.


I used a creamy, traditional dressing recipe with anchovies.  I also made polenta croutons.  This was inspired by a local restaurant, and while I'm glad I tried them, because they were excellent, they were a lot of work.  This is one recipe that won't make it into the recipe list, unless I can figure out a less laborious way to prepare the croutons, but a they are worthy of a close-up...


A little grilled chicken, and it was ready for prime time.  Excellent salad, excellent dressing, excellent croutons.

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