Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden casualty?


I'm not sure what to think about the changes in the leaves of my two potted tomato plants.  At first, I thought it might be blight, but after a trip to Lowe's, where I bought the plants, the planters and the soil, I'm not so sure.  The nursery manager says it's leaf burn.  My first question was "what causes this?"  I was told it was "moisture on the foliage, followed by direct, and hot sun."

I don't water the plants from above, but rather at the soil level.  The lawn sprinklers could be contributing to the leaf moisture, so I have asked Cliff to make a short bench to house my potted tomatoes.  That should keep them up, and out of range of the lawn sprinkler's range.  If the problem continues, or worsens, it will be a trip to Lowe's to replace the plants, and try again.

Poor tomato plants...and poor me.  I was really looking forward to eating their fruit later this summer!  I hope it's nothing more than the 'leaf burn', but it's hard to know at this point.  If it's blight, things will go down hill pretty fast.  If it's 'leaf burn', it should stop when the moisture ceases to find its way onto the leaves.

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