Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fresh fruit kabobs...freeze 'em!

I got this idea from the Today Show, and the segment featuring Ellie Krieger.  Historically, I'm not a fan of her recipes, as they are often health food dishes masquerading as decadent ones.  I'd rather the health food look like health food, and be pimped as health food.


I like this one, and it was easy.  One package of semi sweet chocolate chips, melted in the top of a double boiler.  Skewer fruit (any combination, I would think.  Ellie had strawberries and banana's, too).  Drizzle with melted chocolate, then freeze.  Bag when frozen.  Serve on a hot day, or a cold one, depending upon your preference.


I set my kabobs on a wire rack, so the excess chocolate would spill through vs. pooling up around the fruit.

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