Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can he hear me?

Jet is going to be 13 in August.  I can't believe where all the time has gone.  Is it really possible that 13 years have passed since we brought home that darling baby puppy?  It was 1999 when he joined the family.  Our first Sheltie.  Arguably, the best acquisition of my entire life.


He can't jump up on the bed very easily any longer, and getting down is risky business for him.  He really has to think about that dismount, but he can cross the yard in 2 seconds, flat, to give crap to the neighbor Rottie he still thinks needs a good ass whipping.

He can still get up on the sofa, and he does.  Kindle often beats him to it, but she must get in line...when he wants the spot next to me, she must move, whether or not she wants to.

He can't hear very well, but it surprises me how finely turned his hearing is to the sound of a crinkling treat bag.  Some things they always hear, I suppose.

I whisper to him, every day, right into his ear, "I love you," yet I don't know if he can hear me.  None the less, I will do it until he breathes no more.  I can't imagine life without this dog, and the thought is crippling, but I know that day is coming.  It's hard for me to think he can't hear my voice any longer...I hope he can.  If not, I hope he feels the love I have for him.

The light he has brought to my life is impossible to describe.  He has been with me through some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst.  I know God sent him here to watch over me, knowing the hardest days were yet to come, knowing this dog would pull me through, time and again.

Some people don't understand the love I have for this dog.  I don't really care.  I know what he means to me, the impact he has had on me, and the sheer joy he has brought me, so many times I could never re-count them all.

I look forward to many more experiences with him, but as he ages, each day we have together is so much sweeter...I cherish them all.  I cherish him. 


  1. That was boy was named Tanner and yes I do understand the love you have for him. I love Tanner each day as if he were still here.

  2. Thank you for understanding...I'm so sorry for the loss of your Tanner.

  3. Leslie, I'm sitting here crying right now, but what you wrote is so true. I totally understand that special bond you and Jet have. He is a special boy and you are special to him also. He knows you love him, how could he not? Cherish each day. I still cherish my memories of Topper and find myself talking to him at times and telling him good night. He has never really left me. Give Jet a big hug for me and God bless you both.