Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fire pit

Where we live, lava rock is everywhere.  In most cases, people don't want it, so what better use for some good sized lava rocks, than to surround the burned out area from the shed burning project a couple of weeks ago, and make a spot for our outdoor fireplace?

A search of Craigslist turned up free rocks.  Had to have the tallish rock in front...a little Stonehenge flavor.  =)


A $3.23 bag of Western Red Cedar bark mulch makes a ring for the fireplace, and we're rollin'.


The good news?  Next year, when it's yard debris burning time again, and the compost bin is overflowing, we can lift out the fireplace, burn right here again, and add a fresh bag of mulch to freshen it up when the burning is done.

And speaking of the compost bin, I'm quite pleased with the progress.  It smells earthy, and is breaking down as it should.  Very happy with that project.  I won't be able to use it this year, I suspect, but it will be ready next year, so I will have something exciting to look forward to for next year's vegetable crop.

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