Monday, February 6, 2012

Two thumbs up for Madonna!

I cooked through the first half of the super bowl, but I wanted to be done in time for the half-time show, and I was.  I sat down, with my plate of 'food stuff', just in time for the show.  Was it perfect?  No.  Did Madonna sing the actual words to her songs, live, during the performance?  No.  None the less, I thought it was an outstanding performance, entertaining, and visually dynamic and stimulating.  A little of her older stuff, and little of her newer stuff, and a few fresh faces.  I watched her move, rather deftly, over those bleachers, on platforms that were rising/falling, and then the repetitive squats?!  Holy abominable snowman!  Thigh high leather boots, with at least a 4" heel, to boot (no pun intended!).  I thought she did an exceptional job.

Don't agree?  Well, if you're 53, and can replicate that performance, or best it, and do away with the lip synching, let me know.  I'll see if I can schedule you for the next super bowl half-time show!  Otherwise, quit being a hater, and appreciate the enormity of her perfomance - 8 minutes to set it up, 12 minutes to perform it, 7 minutes to take it all down.  Not too bad!

The only downer?  Mia's random 'finger'.  What an idiot.  Bad taste, obviously, but I can't blame Madonna for that.  Two thumbs up for Minaj and C-Lo.  I thought they were a nice addition, as well as the choir, and other vocal contributors.  I thought it was one of the best half-time performances in recent super bowl history, even with its imperfections.

If I'd been in those shoes, er, boots, I'd have been dead after the squats.  Well done, Madonna!  I think you've still got it, girl.  I'd love to see you do it all over again next year.

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