Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Testing the 50

A couple weeks ago I borrowed a lens from a friend.  It was a Nikkor 50mm f1.8G AF-S lens.  It's one I would like to have, but spending money on anything gives me pause, and when it comes to something like a lens, there is a strong desire to test it out first.

We picked up the lens on a Friday, and took a tour around the area, shooting random subjects.  We really had a great, great time, and found the lens to work as well as I expected.  As a matter of fact, it exceeded my expectations.  It was sharp, sharp, sharp, and the bokeh was beautiful.  It was the right speed for lower light situations, and it performed well outside, as well, with a small ISO adjustment.

As I'm new to photography, I'm pretty proud of the fact I even know what 'bokeh' and 'ISO' are!  =)

A few samples are included below.  To see all the shots, visit my gallery at SmugMug.

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  1. I love seeing you develop your eye...your photos are lovely!