Sunday, February 26, 2012


Wikipedia calls them 'cakes'.  I've also heard them referred to as 'cookies'.  No matter what you call them, there's no mistaking the Madeleine.  Starbucks made them famous, when they started selling them years and years ago in the United States.  Oh, geez, who am I kidding! I don't know exactly when they started selling them, or if they can even take credit for making them famous.  All I know is I first heard of them when I saw them, two to a package, for sale at a Starbucks in California.  I think they still do sell them, or at least I recall seeing them fairly recently.


Call them a 'cake' or call them a 'cookie', just do yourself a favor, and try out these delightful little fluffy pillows of lemony goodness.  These delicious little cakes are one of the simple pleasures of baking.  Easy, light and lemony, they are a delight, and very easy to make.  Aside from a specialty pan, there really is nothing extra needed, aside from your ingredients, to make Madeleines.

I can't take credit for this recipe.  I found it on 101cookbooks.  The link can be found here.

A few of my own photos, as I was making them...

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