Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cart topper

I'm a tinkerer.  Cliff calls me a mouse-trapper.  I'm always looking for ways to make things easier, more organized, or make better use of the things and spaces in our lives.

We show dogs.  Once upon a time, we showed in agility.  We now show in conformation.  I'm sure at some point we will swing the pendulum back to agility, but for now, conformation is the 'sport' d'jour.  For those that do conformation, with a coated breed, you are well aware of all the equipment you need to bring along, not to mention the dogs, too.  A grooming table, grooming arm, crate cart, towels, tack box, crates, etc.  The list is long.  We have a smaller vehicle, so getting everything organized is no small feat.  We have stacked our four crates, and they double as a grooming table when we go to a show.

Today I re-designed the crate topper so it would be lighter in weight, and give me options to hang things, such as leashes, poop bags, toys, etc.  I'm happy to say it turned out great.  And what's even better?  I used materials I had here at home, so it cost me nothing.  It was totally made of re-purposed materials!

I really had to jockey that grooming arm bracket into that position,
even pulling those slats apart to work it into the position I wanted
it in. The lip on the shelving was too deep to allow the bracket
to fit over it, so it had to be worked in through the slats.
 I love the hanging possibilities here.  Not just leashes,
but my show clothes, and any number of other items I take,
and find I need a spot for.  I'm sure I will think of many other things
I want to hang off my topper.  =)
I had a hook bracket (I actually had two), and with the addition
of some washers, a small plate and some screws leftover
from an old set of crates, I was able to secure the
two pieces together in the middle.


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    1. Take a look at the mobile grooming station we made a couple of weeks ago.

      (if a hyper-link doesn't appear, you can copy/paste the link into your browser. Or go to today's post. =)