Sunday, September 8, 2013

The traveled road, page two

A great weekend...

350 miles driven, several sights seen, and a truly enjoyable time with friends. Started out meeting up with a friend Friday night at the Prineville reservoir. Early Saturday morning we took off for the Painted Hills. Didn't quite make it for sunrise color, but it didn't diminish our enjoyment. I learned from my friend how to make a 'starburst' without any kind of trickery or fancy editing, a skill I will be excited to take to Sequoia National Park, and the Grand Canyon this fall. Simple, easy and really effective. No special equipment needed!

We took a swing through the Sheep Rock area. I'm not sure why it's called 'Sheep Rock', because I didn't see any sheep shaped rocks, and I sure didn't see any signs explaining how it came to be named as such.  It was lovely, regardless.

New this trip was a visit to Fort Rock, Oregon, where another friend joined up with us for some night shooting. Last night was the anniversary of Ty's passing, so shooting the stars and the Milky Way was fitting. I am so excited to have a wonderful image to remember the night with...a night to celebrate my Ty's precious, and all too short life.

Hoping to go back to Fort Rock in the late fall for some closer up shooting of the Fort Rock homestead buildings, which are pretty nifty. I did manage one shot of the rock, off in the distance. It's a fascinating place.

Until we meet again on 'The Traveled Road'...

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