Thursday, September 26, 2013

The traveled road, page five

A few nights ago the moon was full, and it was a 'harvest moon'. With no moon shooting skills to lean upon, and only a fundamental knowledge of my gear (though the knowledge is growing, it's far from complete), we headed out. What did I learn? The moon is hard to shoot! What makes it hard is the light from the moon relative to anything surrounding it.  The contrast is hard to manage within a single image, but I'm still proud of these two shots, from the same location, but with different lenses, apertures, exposures and focal lengths...

This, right as the moon came up from behind the rocks. A bit of 'peek-a-boo'. I like the detail on the rocks here, and the tree to the left of the moon.  I shot this with my 70-210mm lens.  I love that lens.  Older, but cheap, and it's pretty dang sharp, even further out.

This one was fun because I was playing with my newly acquired 'starburst' skills. I used the 12-24mm lens here, f/22 for 30 seconds.

Not far from home we have been able to find some pretty places from which to shoot. We live in a very beautiful place. I often forget. These evening treks remind me that we have incredible beauty just a few minutes from home.

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