Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spice update

Every spice cabinet needs an update from time to time.  The frequency with which some suggest rotation can vary widely. I suspect it varies by the spice, but I think a once yearly rotation is safe without being wasteful.

Lucky for us, we have a very nice spice shop in Bend, just down the highway from where we live, and they sell wonderful, dried spices, cheaper than the local market.  They also sell bottles, either with your purchased spices placed inside, or separately.

Yesterday I bought a dozen bottles for some dried spices I had at home in little resealable bags.  I'm not a big fan of dried herbs and spices, but to be honest, aside from the most common of herbs, it's not always possible to use fresh, and there is a place for dried herbs, provided they haven't been sitting in your pantry since the dawn of man.

I like this option because I can buy as much of each spice as I think I will use before they pass their prime, so it really minimizes waste.

I loved the bottles, and at $1.00 each, I couldn't pass them up.  They have a 'stay fresh' lid liner, and a nice little pouring spout.

I also purchased some removable labels, and used those to identify my spices in the bottles, along with the month of purchase, so I know how fresh they are.

A quick organization project that was long over due.

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