Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leftovers made new again

I'm all about cooking new things, but I'm also all about using up leftovers in a creative way.  Reheated leftovers, as they are, are boring, and when it comes to food, boring just doesn't work around here.

A panini is a great way to bring leftovers together in a new wrapper, especially when the beautiful lemon and herb olive loaf I made is the wrapper.

This one was a three ingredient delight.  Sliced smoked sausage, pan seared for a light caramel crust, thick sliced avocado, and a good dose of my fromage fort.

I think, without question, fromage fort is about the most versatile thing I have made in recent memory.  I have used it to make pasta sauce, eggs benedict, on pizza, in French onion soup, in scrambled eggs, and in/on about 15 other dishes.  I love the stuff.  I would say I have a fromage fort addiction!

This panini was quick, delicious, and made respectable use of my leftovers.

Happy hump day, friends!

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