Monday, September 3, 2012

Ty, September 3, 2012

Just a short update today...

He remains basically unchanged, in terms of his overall condition.  It has been hard keeping weight on him, so we have been increasing his two daily rations, which are basically doubled from where they were, and he gets a small mid-day snack, as well.  Today he refused his mid-day snack.  This troubles me greatly.  Thus far, his appetite has remained strong.  This is the first refusal of food I have ever seen, in his entire life.

My prayer is that it's simply a one-off thing.

We have also noted frank blood in the stool, daily, for the past two days (today is the third day).  While the vet doesn't see this as troubling, as she feels he may have lesions up/down his digestive tract, I have never seen a time where blood in the stool is a good thing.  Not for dog, nor human.

Today is a worrisome day.  I'm hopeful we will see an upswing soon.  We need it...

I'm going to make some rice and chicken for him, and see if that doesn't help with the blood, and perhaps stimulate his appetite, as well.  He really can't afford to lose more weight.  He is so thin already.

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