Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ty, September 1, 2012, morning update

Only a couple of notable changes since yesterday.  Overall, he is just not himself.  He seems to spend much of his time sleeping, and I haven't seen him wag his tail in a couple of days.  I haven't heard him bark much, either.  Since he is a very vocal dog, I do not see this as a positive sign.

There are no new mouth lesions, and we are on two full days with no further eye discharge, however, now both nostrils are draining, and oozing a bit of blood.  I can only hope this means things are moving out, but my mind just doesn't seem to find the logic in that thinking.

I had hope we would see some improvement overnight, and to my eye, there isn't any.  I see a very tired dog, who seems weaker than he was the day before.

His appetite remains intact, and his stools are well formed, and clear of blood.  As long as this continues, we are in a holding pattern.

Needless to say, these updates are becoming very difficult, and I will try to keep posting, as so many have written to share their appreciation for them, but if I stop, please understand it's not that I don't wish to share, it's just that I find them too much of a challenge for my heart.  With each word written, I become more and more aware of the dire circumstances that my beloved dog is facing.  It's profoundly heart-breaking.

My sincerest wish is that no other dog suffers from this disease, or any auto-immune disease.  There really is nothing worse than watching an insidious disease take hold of something you love so deeply.  I'm sure anyone who has lost a dog to disease knows exactly how I feel.

I continue to ask for, and appreciate all prayers, healing thoughts, and all manner of positive energy sent our way.  Thank you...


  1. We'll help you stand. Lean on us as long as you need Take care of him. We understand

    Kathy Crislip

  2. Sleep can be very healing; fighting this thing is taking much energy. Hope that is happening. Excellent that he is eating. Thinking of you often.