Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bacteria finds a way...

With the recent Parvo outbreaks in/around Seattle, and dogs dropping from the most recent strain, my mind is wandering...

Bacteria finds a way, no matter how advanced we believe our combative measures to be.  I have long been of the mind we have helped to create a much bigger problem, through vaccination protocols, anti-bacterial soaps/cleansers, etc., resulting in super bacteria; bacteria that has found a way, and is stronger and more resistant than it would be, had we not given it an opportunity to become strong.  By allowing it to exercise its muscles, as it were, on the obstacle courses of combatants we have peppered it with, bateria (all forms), have just gotten stronger.

Think of those commercials showing us the power of anti-bacterial soaps and cleansers.  Touted as killing 99.9% of all bacteria.  But what happens to the .01% that survives?  How did it survive?  Was it the strongest of the bacteria fleet, ready to move the bacteria population forward, stronger than before?  In my opinion, yes.

So, what's the answer?  I sure wish I had one, but I don't.  I only have my belief system.  My belief system is one where vaccination might put a short-term band-aid on a long-term problem, but it does not fix the problem.  I do not vaccinate my dogs, nor myself.  I do not believe in flu shots, childhood vaccinations, nor vaccinations for animals.

I have put a lot of time and energy into study of vaccination's affect on companion animals, and while it has *some* benefit, I believe the risks *far* outweigh the benefits.  That, however, is another conversation, entirely, and I won't go there...yet.

For now, I'm just pondering...and worrying, and wondering what the answer is, and if we find one, how will we implement it?  Is bacteria just nature's way of culling out the weakest?  I believe so, however, no one, including myself, wants to be the weakest, nor have the weakest pet, to balance the 'survival of the fittest' scales.  Has this been our downfall?

By not allowing our own species to join the 'survival of the fittest' game, have we just continued to weaken ourselves, such that bacteria, super, or not, has the power to overtake us?  I think that may be exactly what is happening.

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