Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is in the air

It's hard to deny fall is in the air around here.  Low temps this week are forecast at, or below freezing.  It may warm up a bit, again, but for now, there is a real crispy feel to the air.  I really don't know that I'm ready, but ready or not, I don't think I have much say...this one is all Mother Nature's show.  She does as she wishes.

This weekend was not as productive for us as usual.  Cliff wasn't feeling on top of his game, fighting off an emerging cold, and I was coming off of several days of feeling a little off my game, too.  None the less, we did get a few things done.

We got the dogs bathed, which was nice.  We also cleared out one of the garden boxes.  It was on its last legs.  We turned the soil, added some of our compost, and tamped it down.  Two more boxes are still productive, as are the two tomato plants in the greenhouse, and the pepper plant, though the pepper plant appears to be winding down, as well.

I think it's time to look at some 'winter-hardy' plants to start in the greenhouse, and see what we can do over the winter, if anything.

Fall cleaning needs to commence inside the house now, though I have really been rather hesitant about doing that.  I think my heart is just not quite there yet.  Outside still beckons, at least for a while.  We still have a few things to tidy up on the side of the house, and I'd like to get that taken care of sooner vs. later.  Just random stuff that sort of accumulates over the summer as we work on our outdoor projects - mostly scrap materials.  I'm thinking of moving it to the end of the driveway, and putting a 'free' sign on all of it.  An ad on CL might accelerate its removal from our property.

My composting tumbler, and bin sure could use a little carbon.  It's time for those leaves to fall.  I could use a little 'woody' debris.

All in all, a good weekend.

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  1. We're going to have a 16 degree drop in temperature in a few days. I always get a little melancholy when the days grow shorter -- I love the long days of summer! I usually spend the winter in hibernation, sleeping and eating more. As you say, Mother Nature is in charge, so it's a great lesson in relinquishing control and accepting the present moment exactly as it is.