Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The first contribution!

Earlier this morning, I posted an entry about the start of our composting journey.  After posting that entry, I made some breakfast bread pudding to keep in the fridge for my husband.  An easy, quick breakfast.  He loves it, it's quick to prep before he heads off to work, and it freezes well, if I happen to make a particularly large batch.

Before I started preparing the bread pudding, I set out a stainless steel bowl for my 'waste', which would be my first contribution, aside from grass clippings, to my compost bin.


I'm pleased with my contribution.  I had onion skins/trimmings, garlic skins/trimmings, bell pepper trimmings, egg shells and the paper egg carton!  I'm very proud.  I will toss it into the bin, with the grass clippings, later tonight.  I think this is going to be a rewarding project.  You're welcome, Mother Earth.  =)

Footnote: I just learned that dog hair makes a great contribution to the compost bin, as do the contents of the vacuum canister.  I really think I'm going to love this.

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