Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday: weather tragedies

It has been one heck of a winter.  Very late in coming, we finally did see some snow.  Not much, but enough to make us feel that we really did live in the land of cold, and the fluffy white stuff.  It came, it stayed, and it made way for one incredibly beautiful weekend's worth of weather.  It was 60!  I felt like I'd woken up in the tropics.  For those who live in the tropics, I'm sure the utterance of a 'high of 60' makes you shiver, but for those of us in the cold north, it was warm.  I filled the pool for the dogs, and they played, and they played, and they played.  Put the pool away Sunday afternoon, and woke up to snow this morning.  All I can say is "wow!"
I really don't know what to think about the weather, all across our country.  The early tornadoes in the south really scare me for our good friends down there.  My soul sister, Sharon, lives in Kansas.  I worry about her, every time severe weather rolls through her state.  I hope to God we won't have to call her Dorothy after it passes her by.  So far, so good.

None the less, a post about the early tornadoes would not be complete without remembering those who were tragically killed in this last burst of severe weather.  I can't stop thinking about the baby, the last one of her family to survive after being thrown into a field.  Sadly, she did pass away from her injuries.  It makes me tear up, just thinking about her, and so many other who were lost.

I grew up in California: earthquake alley.  I know those who live in the midwest think earthquakes are horrible, and make no mistake, they are a serious and deadly force of nature, but they happen once in a blue moon.  Tornadoes average 1,000 per year in tornado alley.  1,000.  That's an average of almost 3 per day, every day of the year.  I don't love the idea of tornadoes, nor severe weather, and I sure didn't like the earthquakes I experienced when I lived in California, but if I had to choose, I would take the very rare earthquake to the far more frequent tornado.

Pray for those who are lost, and those who remain.  Pray for those tasked with re-building communities devastated by theses swirling devils of destruction.  They need all the prayer they can get.  God, bless them...amen.

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