Monday, February 4, 2013

Hilppa's scones with a flavor twist

This morning I made Hilppa's scones again, this time with dried cherries and orange zest vs. raisins.  I did not have buttermilk, so I used just whole milk, and I think the milk hurt the creaminess of the dough - it just wasn't quite up to par with the buttermilk version.  The flavor combination of the cherries and orange zest was superb, however.

The only way to eat these, is fresh from the oven, in my opinion.  Super warm, fragrant and immensely flavorful.  There is just no limit to the flavor combinations that can be made.  Sweet, savory...anything.  Next up, a rosemary and white cheddar version.

Give these scones a try.  You will not be disappointed...but make sure you use buttermilk for an ultimate scone experience.  And do not over bake them.  They can become dry, I have learned, if baked too long.

Happy scone-ing, friends, and happy Monday!

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