Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fabric storage for Christmas!

If you're like me, there is little that makes you happier than organization, and even more so, an organization project for Christmas!! Yep, I would rather do something like this on Christmas, than open a bunch of presents, and eat myself into a food coma. Well, the food coma is still quite delightful, but to me, this is the best Christmas present of all...something that organizes a special part of my life: my projects.

The idea was inspired by a set-up I saw with curtain rods, and curtain clips, but I wanted a shelf, not just a fabric hanger. I also wanted it to be easy to remove/replace fabric, so I came up with the wire shelf, and spring clamp idea. I think it works!

I had the shelf and the clamps. I only needed the shelf brackets, which cost $5.96 for the two I needed. I will paint an inspiring quote on the wall above the shelf at some point, but as I'm just getting my craft/sewing room organized and put together, it will be a work in progress.

The sewing table project will commence next week, when my husband cuts the hole in the top of the table to recess my machine. I have a refinishing idea in mind for it that I think will be fun and visually interesting. Next up: the hunt for a large table for my paper projects. More on that later. For today, I get to smile and enjoy the new fabric storage shelf. I love it!

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