Sunday, January 27, 2013

Space saving idea for a small kitchen

I have a very small kitchen, and I love to cook.  Anyone who loves to cook will make their kitchen work, even if it requires a bit of creativity.

I have some pans that were taking up valuable cabinet space, and I really needed to move them, making room for some other, rather cumbersome items.  I wanted a pot rack, but truth be told, with a vaulted ceiling, and a mini pendant fixture over my table, the pot rack wasn't going to work.

We have an old pine entertainment center in our kitchen which serves as a free-standing pantry.  I added three coat hooks to each top side edge, and hung the pans.  Viola!  More cabinet space!

Quick and easy storage solution.  Would I have preferred the pot rack?  Yes, I would have, but given my constraints, this was the best option.  It also took just a few minutes, and was far less complex.  On a weekend where I have a long list of chores, that was a bonus!