Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The headboard project is complete

Ever since we moved up to a king size bed, I have had an action item on my 'to-do' list to make a suitable headboard.  I have put it off because there were so many other things that needed attention, and, frankly, it's more decorative than necessary, so it sort of free fell off my list

I'd had an idea in my mind all along, so it was really just a matter of getting it down on paper, and getting down to the business of building, staining/painting, and installing it, but other things seemed more pressing, so it sat in my head, as an idea, and nothing more.  Last weekend it popped to the top of the list, and we commenced work.  As is usually the case around here, I took inventory of what we had on hand before completely settling on my design, but as we made a trip to the lumber yard, my ideas transformed into something a little different.

Because I have been in a heightened emotional state, everything I do seems to carry more meaning than usual, and this project was a perfect example.  Not only did I want a head board, but as the head board came together, so did an art idea, as well, one that tied a few things together for me.

As it happened, my sister and I were both working on head board projects over the weekend, bouncing ideas off of one another.  We both ended up with something nice, fun, and reflective of who we are.  I enjoyed sharing this experience with her, over the was such a big part of the enjoyment of the process for me, and I'm grateful I had the chance to share this with her, as well as with Cliff.

Total price for the head board came in about $60, including the stain, and the artwork was another $20 in canvas and paints I found at Walmart.  I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  It has very special meaning for us, with each canvas stamped with the first letter of one of our dogs' names, and Ty's leash, which hangs on the head board, as well.

Glass knobs hold the artwork, and add a special touch, all their own.  A small wreath, tied with leftover ribbon from this project, as well as another, tops the shelf.  Other items may find a home there, as well, but for now, I like it.  The simplicity of it appeals to me...

To me, this project felt like love.

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