Sunday, February 5, 2012

The verdict is in...

The verdict is in on the homemade laundry soap.  In a prior post, found here, I shared that we were making our own laundry soap, using a recipe found online.  The supplies were minimal, and the cost, per load, would be 1/2 of one cent.  This, for all intents and purposes, very nearly eliminates our month laundry soap expense.  It wasn't difficult to make, but part two, post gel, had not yet come to pass.

Woke up this morning, and our bucket of soap had reached the promised 'gel' we'd read about.  Now it was time to mix it up, and dilute with warm water.  Cliff broke up the gel with a paint stir stick, and after a few minutes, we had a fairly good mix, but it was still chunky.  Those who know me, know that 'chunky' anything is never acceptable, so we decided to bring out the power drill (that always engages a husband in a home project!), and, using the paint mix attachment, mixed it up further.  We got smaller chunks, but it still wasn't smooth.

Still a bit chunky for me.

For most, this stage would be completely acceptable.  For ol' anal Annie (me!), this wasn't quite good enough, so, in batches, we blended it with my trusty immersion blender, and got the smooth consistency I was hoping for.

The immersion blender brought it home!

At this stage, the recipe suggests another dilution, which we opted to pass on.  We just used 1/2 the amount recommended of the further diluted soap, and the results were super.  Until I use this soap for an extended period of time, I can't recommend it, but at this point, I will say things look very, very promising.

This is a fresh smelling, smooth laundry soap, with very little sudsing action.  This is just perfect for my HE machine!  Suds don't clean clothes, ingredients clean clothes.  =)  The first two loads are done, and the verdict?  Two thumbs up!

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