Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I needed a large cutting board 18" x 24" would do it, I figured.  I looked at some over the weekend, and I was shocked at the prices.  Wow!  I want wood, because it's easiest to work with, when rolling pastry.  Even for a 'cheap' board, they were $35, and up.  No, thank you!

I came home, and swiftly forgot about it, but when I rolled pie dough this weekend, I was reminded that my 12" x 18" board is just not quite big enough.  This morning I remembered a 18" x 24" board I had in the garage that I had used for something else, but was no longer using.  It had a few, small drill holes in it, but no biggie.  Could I just add some 'feet', and call it good?  Well, it's not hardwood, and I have no idea if it would stand up to real cutting, but for what I want, which is just a large board to roll pastry, I think it might work.  I brought it in, bleached/cleaned it, and when it dried, I re-purposed some rubber feet I had in my toolbox, and now I have a large surface to roll pastry.  Oh, and I still have that $35, too.  =)

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